Movie Library

A list of current approved movies.

– All Movies Rated G do not need to be on this list.  This does not mean that all G rated movie are good.  You should still carefully check movies first before watching them.

Our church guideline is used for our main guide, but in need to be more specific the following are some guidelines used to determine why and how videos are approved:

1. Mild violence is allowed to tell the story such as in the Old Testament or about martyrs.

2. Mild profanity was allowed if it came from the evil side.

3. Sensuality is not approved if it is given in the worldly sense or for the sake of lust, however it may be inferred if the theme does not approve of it.

4. Mocking Christianity is not allowed unless it comes from the evil side.


1. Ben Hur
2. Old Yeller
3. Where The Red Fern Grows.
4. Christy series
5. Treasures of the Snow.
6. Love comes Softly series.
7. Heidi
8. Ann of green Gables series.
9. Sound of Music.
10. The Hiding Place.
11. Nativity Story.                                      
12. Facing the Giants
13. Emma                  
14. Chariots Of Fire
15. Fireproof              
16. little Women      
17. The Inn of Sixth Happiness    
18. Night Crossing      
19 Dreamer                
20. Duma  
21. Madeline              
22. The Other Side of the Mountain  
23. The Prince of Egypt.                      
24. Saving Sarah Cain.                        
25. Searching for Bobby Fischer              
26. The Simple Life of Noah Dearborn
27. Two Brothers
28. The Last Flight Out.
29. Flywheel.        
30. Children of Heaven                            
31. Dust Factory                        
32. Secretariat                                        
33. The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry          
34. Eight below                                    
35. Letters to God                                  
36. Mercy Streets    
37. Courageous
38. What If
39. The Woodcarver
40. The Perfect Game
41. God’s Not Dead
42. Mom’s Night Out
43. Ring The Bell
44. Flicka 2
45. Do you believe? 

Movie requests

for movies to be added to the church movie list.
  • (include your email if you would like to me notified when we review the movie)
  • (please remember to include the year the movie was published)